At Mels Marketing & Consulting Services inc. we produce marketing material for the mortgage industry as a third party.

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We welcome walk-ins for our clients seeking miscellaneous services such as, Notary Public, fax, copy, resume help, Job search, Insurance and travel needs.

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If your home is in foreclosure. We can assist you to sell your home or modify your loan. At Mels Marketing & Consulting Services inc. we understand how critical your needs are. Call us today for assistance.

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Are you looking for your first apartment? Are you a home owner seeking tenants to rent apartments? If so, contact us at Mel's Marketing & Consulting and we can connect you with the right person for your needs.

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In today's climate, buying a home can be complex and discouraging especially to new buyers. At Mels Marketing & Consulting Services inc. we aim to make home buying easy for our clients. We also assist clients in selling their homes. Licensed Real Estate brokers on site.